Somerton Music & Arts Festival and Somerstock 2020 Postponement and Ticket Refunds

It is with great sadness that the Somerton Music & Arts Festival Committee have made the very difficult decision to postpone by one year the 2020 Festival.  This is a decision which we have not taken lightly; however, the health and safety of our audience, artists, traders, crew and community is always our first priority.

The events that will no longer be taking place this year are: the Art & Photography Exhibition at the end of May, all town events between the 4th and 10th of July and Somerstock on Saturday 11th July.

But we will be back, and are already planning for a full Festival in 2021.

Somerstock Ticket Refunds


We have now finalised our arrangements for refunds for tickets purchased for Somerstock 2020. Please note that you have two options.  


We are really pleased that we have agreed with most of the bands, including headliners The Christians, to roll forward to Somerstock 2021 which will take place on Saturday 10th July. We are grateful that many of our sponsors and programme advertisers are also rolling forward their support. So Option 1 is also to roll forward your ticket purchases to next year’s Somerstock.


Option 2 is to claim your refund now.

To do this you need to send your refund claim in an email to .  Please use the same email address that you ordered your tickets and clearly state your name. The details of your payment can then be checked against our records and a repayment to your bank account can then be authorised. Your ticket(s) will then be cancelled.


Please note that if you decide to roll forward your tickets to Somerstock 2021 then the cost is already fixed at this year’s cost regardless of any price rises next year!  If we have not heard from you by Sunday 31st May we shall assume that you wish to use option 1 and roll your ticket purchase to Somerstock 2021.


A small number of tickets were sold for cash through Palmer Snell in Somerton. The same two options apply. You can roll your tickets forward to Somerstock 2021 or claim a refund.  To claim your refund, you will need to contact the Festival treasurer Brian Dobson (15 Cary Way, Somerton) by email at . When you have returned your ticket and provided your bank details, Brian will arrange to transfer the ticket payment to your bank account.

We hope that by autumn the situation will have improved to allow Oktoberfest to take place as planned in the Edgar Hall on Saturday 10th October. 

We look forward to seeing you all again for Somerton Music and Arts Festival 2021. In the meantime, from everyone here at Somerton Music & Arts Festival - stay safe, stay at home and stay well.

Cliff Bassett 

Chair - Somerton Music and Arts Festival Committee

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